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Major benchmarks be met in order to reach the ultimate goal

Initial Research/Mapping of Resources:

  • Survey of what companies are involved, government entities, National Labs; who will want to be a part of this? (people, companies)
  • Document strengths & gaps in the State, research capabilities, etc. (capabilities)
  • What are the equipment and machines we have that will be usable for this? Testing services, other resources, etc. (equipment)
  • Identify resources (such as labs) that are available to offer, use, etc.
  • Expert base, tool base, to help small/large industry workforce education innovation pipeline (ex: clean room at UNM, only in state available for use by small & large businesses; lab space available for small businesses & entrepreneurs; etc.)
  • Define just what the goals of the “center of excellence” are: to attract students? to fund/support entrepreneurs? to benefit existing companies? Danger of getting too general & vague.

benchmark: Map out the resources available (space, expertise, tools) within ~3 months.


  • Increase federal & state funding of academic research in photophyscial & photo? sciences
  • Come up with a funding model - university funded?
  • Identify funding need to fill gaps
  • 1 year for prototype model to be developed & implemented

benchmark: Generate a model for the “center of excellence” itself, including funding model, within 1 year


  • Science, Engineering, Network, Solar, Energy, Innovations (SENSEI)
  • Identify entrepreneurial experts who will commit effort (probably outside the state)
  • Conference to gauge interest from various stakeholder groups

benchmark: continued interest of participants, attendance at the conference

Final Benchmarks:

1. Map & Generate prototype model

Map out the resources available (space, expertise, tools) and needs of industry, within ~3 months.

2. Conference & Feedback

Hold a conference within 6 months that would include all interested stakeholders to review the generated model and give feedback from the experts in the field. 

3. Revise